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Indore is located centrally in the country of India. Read more information on geographical location of Indore.

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Indore Location

Indore LocationThe geographical location of Indore is 22.2 - 23.05o North Latitude and 75.25 - 76.16o East Longitude. It is the largest city of the Central-Indian state of Madhya Pradesh; with an area of 3898 sq km, and is situated on the Malwa Plateau. The location of Indore makes it central to the Indian subcontinent. The city once used to serve as the summer capital of the former state of Madhya Bharat. The location of Indore is just south of the Satpura range, at an altitude of 553 meters above sea level.

It is the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh and is also the administrative headquarters of the Indore District and the Indore Division. As a result, the city has become a hub of industrial, technological and educational activity. Indore was once the capital of the princely state of Indore. The strong historical background has given the city rich culture and heritage and it is therefore a popular tourist spot today. The strategic location of Indore has also contributed to its manifold development.