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This article provides information on the best time to visit Indore. Know more about the ideal time and the peak season for Indore travel.

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Best Time to Visit Indore

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Indore is situated on the Malwa Plateau, just south of the Satpura Range. It is situated in the center of the state of Madhya Pradesh away from the sea. Due to this Indore experiences an extreme climate. There is a huge variation in the weather of the city. During summers, Indore is quite hot. The day temperature at times reaches 45o C, making the heat pretty severe. But the nights in Indore are unusually cool. Infact, this is the most peculiar feature of the place as far as the climatic conditions are concerned.

The reason for the pleasant weather of Indore during night is the cool breeze, known as 'Shab-e-malwa', which blows in the region. Thus, no matter how hot it might be during the day, the nights are always cool. During the winters, the weather is quite nice. The temperature may reach as low as 10 deg C, making the weather chilling cold. But still, the city remains quite enjoyable during this time. On an average, the tourists visit Indore during the months of October to March, making it the best time to visit Indore.

This is the most pleasant time of the year and is also regarded as the peak season for Indore travel or the ideal time to visit Indore. Though the city has a varying climate, you can visit it throughout the year. Whenever you plan to explore Indore, don't forget to check out the climate. This will help you in packing your bags. During summers, it is better stick to cottons, while in winters; you can carry your woolens along with you.